Back Up to Pin Up

Hey guys! My name is Ola Alberta...well not really, its a family joke, but I adopted it for blogging purposes.

This is my 24th birthday present to myself: To go from the fat girl to a pin up bombshell....and changing my life along the way.

So here we go:
HW:240lbs SW:223.4lbs GW#1:199 GW#2:175 UGW:155

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10% in 4 Spreadsheet

To those who have been waiting, sorry it took so long for me to get this together!! Here it is, anyone with the link can make changes to the spreadsheet so it should be easy to keep up with everyone’s progress (and keep up that accountability!).  Personally, I’m going to save the link somewhere on my weigh in page for easy access and convenience since I still want to keep it recorded there too.

So ta da! 10% in 4 Spreadsheet

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